Activities, Evaluation & Priority Areas

Participatory / Voluntary (Selected) Activities

Location/period Component Activities Associates Remarks
1992 onward at Bhubaneswar Income Generating Building Capacity to Women Recourses of TADASHA Satisfactory
1994-2000 at Jhumpura Income Generating Building Capacity to Women OSIL Satisfactory
DRDA, Kendujhar 1994-1996 Marketing of Rural Women’s Institutions Products Marketing of DWOCRA Products Recourses of TADASHA Satisfactory
District HQ and Block Health care Services Access of Pulse Polio vaccines (100% plus) service to Jhumpura Block children during (1997 - 2004).
24 nos of GP health camps/ 13 nos of Eye camps under the catchment of Jhumpura CHC
Mega Health Camps at Dist. Level
Dist. Diabetes Camp during 1995
Blood donation by Staffs and Volunteers
Critical Health Care Services at SCB Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack referred by Indian Red Cross Society, Keonjhar Branch
Volunteers / Field Functionaries / Chief Functionary 100% plus coverage to pulse polio vaccines including the migrants. Even some reluctant minority community could be accessed.

Highly satisfactory & successful
Kendujhar & Other Areas Relief Measures Relief Measures extended in 14 nos of villages at Ghasipura Block during Super Cyclone.
Drinking Water facilitated at Ersama, in participation with RRL, BBSR during Super Cyclone.
Relief Supports to flood victims of 03 villages in Sadar Block.
Volunteers / Field Functionaries / Chief Functionary Self Satisfactory.
IWDP-II Project area, (2002 onwards) Animal Health Camps Organizing Animal Health camps & Facilitation of Routine Vaccination Programmes.
Enabled creation of Animal Care Institutions.
Participant Households / Farmers / Volunteers / Field Functionaries Satisfactory during participation / Activities still continues
IWDP-II project villages from 2001-2005 Farming / Eco-care Vermi Composting & Organic/ Natural Farming Farmers Satisfactory during participation / Activities more or less continues
IWDP-II & IWDP-IV project villages Bank Linkages / Govt. Subsidies Livelihood / Income Generating Activities of Men & Women SHGs Local & all possible Markets About 40% of institutions are independent and super active
Banspal (2006-2008 actively & onwards passively) Fair Trading & Terminal Market Access Marketing of Niger & Mustard / NTFPs / Agro-surplus Women SHG Federation at Banspal Block. ‘BMVMCSL’ Partly successful, but created a trend to combat exploitation
Banspal (2007-2008 actively & onwards passively) Public Private Partnership on crop diversification Hybrid Maize cultivation production , productivity & marketing Farmers / WSHGs / ATMA Successful but the programme more often discontinues w/o notice to farmers
Jhumpura (2007-2008 actively) Institutional Strengthening Reorientation of WSHGs in the block (Augmenting Banspal Model) Jhumumpura Block Administration No follow up by block Admn. who had committed to extend support at the exit of our org.
Asanpat GP (2007 2008 actively) Strengthening of WSHS’s of Asanapat GP Land use / Land Reforms and reorientation of WSHGs Women SHGs of Asanapat GP, Jhumpura Successful (Federation Concept taken up by the Administration)
IWDP-II & IWDP-IV Project Villages(2009-2010) MGNREGS Individual Farm Ponds / Orchards / Community Water Bodies BDOs of Banspal & Jhumpura Convergence programme could be successful due to intervention of Collector & DM, Keonjhar
Keonjhar and Cuttack(2007 onwards) Healthcare Services to BPL / Needy Critical Health Care Services at SCB Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack Indian Red Cross Society, Keonjhar Branch Voluntary services are satisfactory & successful
IWDP-II & IV Project Villages (2007 onwards) Promotion of Farming Improved Farming on Agriculture, Horticulture, Organic Farming etc & Marketing of Farmers, Tribal, SHGs Produces SELF Happening in small scale need more investments
DLSA, Kendujhar (Since ) Legal Services Awareness Legal Service Camps (monthly / special occasions / celebrations and Yatras etc.) at villages of Kendujhar Dist. Members of DLSA, Kendujhar Voluntary Services by TADASHA & Staff of FCC

Govt. Funded Projects Activities (Completed / Ongoing)

During the Period Name of the Donor Schemes / Project Names Project Cost(Rs. in lakhs) Project Location Status / Remarks
Projects Completed
1999-2005 DoLR,MoRD,GoI. Integrated Wastelands Development Programme (IWDP) / “IWDP-II, Kedujhar”. 208 15 villages in Sadar & Jhumpura Blocks Completed / Satisfactory Remarks stated by External Evaluator & Audited by Comptroller of AG
2002-2011 DoLR,MoRD,GoI and OWDM, Mo Agril., GoO Integrated Wastelands Development Programme (IWDP) / “IWDP-IV, Kedujhar”. 120 03 villages in Banspal Block Completed / Satisfactory Remarks stated by External Evaluator & Audited by Comptroller of AG
One time during 2003 ITDA, Keonjhar Special Allocation on the event of visit of hon’ble C M , Odisha to vil. Karangadihi. 4.24 Constn. of WHS at vil. Karangadihi IWDP-IV Convergence action / Completed on time
Ongoing Projects
2006 onward SCSWB GoI Ministry of WCD, Govt. of India. Revised to Rs. 2.44 Lacs. as 90% / Annum Family Counseling Centre at Keonjhar. Additionally associated with Dist. Legal Services Authority (DLSA) on all Legal Awareness Programmes voluntarily.
2006 Onwards Dist. Administration Various Govt. Convergence Programmes. Above Rs 220 lakhs Convergence with other Programmes primly in the Watershed villages. MGNREGS / Other Govt. Flagship Programmes implemented with success.
2014 onwards DoLR, MoRD, GoI and OWDM, Mo Agril., GoO Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) / “IWMP-XVI, Keonjhar Block”. 787.8 28 villages in Keonjhar Block All such Projects (Batch-V) are kept on hold for further orders of PMKSY (Watersheds) / Our activities have been Departmentally Audited without issue of any Memo
2014 onwards DoLR, MoRD, GoI and OWDM, Mo Agril., GoO Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Constn. of Individual Household Latrine) @12,000/- per latrine Handibhanga GP in Keonjhar Block. Going to be declared as ODF GP of Keonjhar District.

DoLR: Department of Land Resources / MoRD: Ministry of Rural Development / GoI: Government of India / GoO: Government of Odisha / OWDM: Odisha Watershed Development Mission, under GoO. / CSWB: Central Social Welfare Board / SSWB: State Social Welfare Board /MoWCD: Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Audit, Accounts and Evaluation

Sl. No. Procedure of Audit Agency Time/Frequency Remarks
1. Internal M/s Sajan Agarwal & Co. & M/s Samal & Associates (all independent Charted Accountants, Kendujhar) Yearly Audited on time Independently.
2. Statutory 1. Dist. Rural Development Agency (DRDA), Kendujhar) / Vigilance Committee / Dist. Core Committees & External Evaluation Agencies (Mid & Final) in case of Project IWDPs
2. Visits by Technical Team / Individual by the Project Director, Watersheds, & their internal & Departmental Audits / Routine Video Conferences convened by the Director, OWDM.
3. Routine inspection by the inspecting officers from SSWB and surprise visits by the Chairperson, SSWB.
Any time without notice / in a short notice No poor performance remarks as of now & the action taken / complied on suggestions / Overall satisfactory notes.
3. AG Audit as per OGFR and OTS Act. AG Audit under Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG). Any time with / without notice(audited thrice) Satisfactory / Departmental Audit.
4. Inspection Inspecting Officer from Income Tax to Once before issue of 12 AA & 80 G Certificates Satisfactory
5. VIPs Visits by District wing heads, Collector Bureaucrats / VIPs, Political Representatives and once the officers from PR, o/o hon’ble Chief Minister (to successful farming areas) of the project areas. Anytime Satisfactory but often vague.
6. Social Exposure visits by beneficiaries from other watersheds (to the completed / ongoing Watershed areas) As per order by the district officers. Satisfactory.

Priority Area of Activities

Tribal / Inhabitants at Hills Drinking Water and Sanitation (Enabling / Facilitating / Awareness) Women Empowerment (Priority to Women SHGs) Preventive & Curative Health Care Services at Inaccessible areas
BPL / Landless / Vulnerable(Poorest of Poor) Food & Nutrition Security (Priority to Women and Children) Capacity & Skills for all Walks (Priority to Youths and Women) Basic / Qualitative Education (Enabling Right to Education)
Farmers Interest / Producer Groups (Small & Marginal) Livelihood Security / Small Business & Enterprise/ Employment to Bottom Masses Barefoot Accounting & Record Keeping to Grass roots Institutions Animal Resources Management
Social Security through Access to Legal Rights Environmental Security through Participation, Ownership and Awareness Market Access of Argo- Surpluses, Produces and NTFPs. Data Development, Data Management, and Digital Access to the Stakeholders.

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