Members and Bodies

Statutory Members / Bodies (GB / EB)

All the members and the representative of the Society known as “Statutory Members” who collectively form the “General Body”and the apex body of the assembly of elected members form “Executive Body” empowered to act on behalf of the Society. The total statutory memberships of the society, the members of “General Body” will be to the maximum of twenty and cannot be below ten. However, the maximum and minimum numbers of members in the Executive Body will be between twelve and eight respectively.

Non-statutory Members / Bodies

The Society shall have provision to accommodate statutory members who retires or resigns but shall participate in the activities informally and form an “Emeritus Members” body (any numbers in the body). Besides, the volunteer, young / talented / next generation and eminent persons shall be constitute a “Green Members” structure (limited to ten numbers) of who will only be allowed join the statutory membership structure in future. Nobody from outside can join the Society directly and accepted as a statutory member. Everybody will participate in the debate but not voting.

Supportive Bodies

The Supportive Bodies are non-statutory empathetic and enabling catalytic structures that would protect and make possible of attainment of objects of the Society. The Supportive Bodies shall be permanent in structure (members get changed to need but structure remains) constituted, proportionate with induction of project funds. The Supportive Bodies: Advisory Body, Expert Body, Standing Committee, Project Management Committee, Tender and Purchase Committees, Anti-Corruption Committee and may be any other Committees and Sub-Committees to be formulated or the representative of the Consulting Organization will be made available in the website and their memberships get updated right away. Each and every Supportive Body will have their “Blue Book” meaning the relevant guidelines, drafted rationally having terms of references, roles and responsibilities, criteria, rights, privileges, powers and obligations with job charts, in addition to the primary principles to deliver their duties and operate each Project following the conditions laid by the funder (within the purview of rules of all registering authorities; IGR, FCRA, IT.

Advisory (Permanent Support) Body

The Advisory Body are a group of eminent intellectuals comprising of Scientists (including Social), Technocrats, Engineers, Doctors, Managers and most importantly Administrators who have competence to address implementation of various development programme relating to welfare of Human and Nature, besides having capacity to develop time bound modules to redress the crisis of long term needs. The memberships in the Advisory Body shall be a stable until they wish to be disassociated. Those who are members in the “Advisory Body” shall remain and others, on the recommendation of the Executive Body be approved by the General body unanimously, shall “ipso facto” be appointed afresh.

The elementary principle of the Society is that anybody, individual or institution, from political or criminal background or ever penalized or suspended or charge sheeted earlier during their services on violation of various laws of India will be not be allowed to be a member in statutory, non-statutory, and supportive bodies of the Society. If any criminal incidence takes place latter during membership incumbency for rendering services and if any one makes indulgence or associated ever in the business of interest with the Society or get involved in politics (directly or indirectly joins or associated with political parties) and what if develop mentally infirm, she / he will be expelled from the membership from else structure on influx of any such issue. They can otherwise be expelled if found suppressed the said facts or charges earlier.


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