Our Works

In order to achieve our goal we work in mission mode: as a facilitator, catalyst and partner with the target communities and institutions; the bottom strata, women of all walks and the unemployed youths to make changes through the process of empowerment, transparency, synthesis of ownerships, pursuance of policies and other approaches leading to sustainable development.

Our Approach

All our approaches and perspective are Pro Poor towards Sustainable Development for strengthening grass root democracy and empowerment and are inclusive without degradation of local environment that undertakes a balance between production eco-system and protection eco-system. Besides, the participatory people centric communitarian need based approach, to evolve the project work and programme, are the prime motto that applies in the process of planning, monitoring, executing, evaluating the programme.

Our Mandates

We dedicate all our actions for the bottom masses; socially excluded groups and make sure of taking up eco-friendly Natural Resource Management by them and their Institutions. Our commitments are set aside to achieve changes in the lives of the rural poor strata with special emphasis to last mile beneficiary through social transformation with unbiased attitude towards all the members of the partner communities irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion, ethnicity, disability, polity and geographies. We center stage honesty and accountability in retaining transparency at all levels asserting honor, mutual respects, and recognition to traditional wisdom, knowledge system and customary practices that uphold environment and societal bondage.

Our Spirit & Strategies

The sprit and strategies of the programs those are set out to carry forward have several perceptions for smooth working of the organization. It demands incessant efforts to develop and strengthen systems and set procedures that reflect our mandates for community participation, especially women, transparency and accountability with the process of empowerment. It is a matter of fact that faulty management of natural resources is the root cause in most of our development problems. We do believe that the existing practices of managing our natural resources must change towards a wider spectrum of community participation. Creation of awareness and motivating masses on social, economic and political rights with adhered responsibilities, documenting, collating and disseminating information and analysis on specific development issues, policies and programs escorted with building and nurturing CBOs to undertake various issues of substantial community interest focusing issues in decision making, combating contours of climate change following evolution and development of alternative models to sustain, promotion and management of community infrastructures or assets for sustainable livelihoods, governance at respective levels, policies at grass roots, involvement of PRIs, building capacities of all and at different layers, advocacy in formation of People’s Capital and the power of women and youth to change as partners are the key areas of our strategies.

A set of “Four Objectives Guide”


The methodologies are designed in holistic base, elaborating conceptual tools for empirical investigation, ground realities, continuous alterations, elaboration and refinements. The theories of administrative and management science, domain of disciplines, logics and proactiveness together emphasize team work initiatives, communication, problem solving adaptability, passion and capacity to manage change, fast decision making, creativity, adoption of appropriate technology etc as the key terms of approaches. For rationalizing the roles, internal evaluation, monitoring, transparency in addition to suggestion seeking from the appropriate institutions are undertaken on routine basis. Activities are pinpointed to eliminate and solve problems both by proactive and reactive measures. The Will and Commitments of all concerned are invoked so that the time sense in delivery of benefits to the people is fully kept as per schedules and plan. Affordable and appropriate eco-technologies will be accumulated, innovated and/or adapted for acceptance of the people at their mental level to maintain the continuity of operation. Emanating from knowledge with local tribal wisdom and technologies that are illiterate or semi-literate shall be the key factor in participation drive. The Organization intervenes in multi-sector activities with the partners to comprehend the wider objective of community empowerment and food and livelihood security for the vulnerable and socially excluded people. The need based planning at community level which ensures to operationalize through dovetailing government schemes and programmes are the key areas have been enriching through the process of “Empowerment, Education, Awareness, Sense of Ownerships, and Democracy” are the pillars to protect our values of the organization.


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