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Based on experience and expertise of TADASHA, on completing two of the Watershed Development Projects successfully on time in the district, has been assigned as a Resource Agency by the Project Director, Watersheds, Keonjhar to take up Capacity Building, both need based routine and skilled based specific trainings to the targeted stakeholders as per respective DPRs of all the Watershed Clusters. During the reporting period 214 days of training programmes could be organized for the 3368 members of SHGs and Users Groups, Watershed Committees, Farmers, Leaders etc. incorporating varied and innovative concepts of Watershed Management and its implementation along with livelihood development initiatives through Natural Resource Management.

The Training Abstract as at Table below details is tabulated below:

 Watershed Name  Cluster / Programme  Block / Clusters  No of Training days  Total Participants  Male  Female  Topic / Subjects of the Training Programme
 Ranimaa Nala Watereshed  IWMP-IX  Banspal  30  622  50  572  Basic Concept of Watershed SHG Concept and Functions
 Others  IWMP-IX & X(CLW)  Banspal  3  25  25  0  Reorientation of capabilities on promotion and services to Animal Resources
 Bainga Nala Watershed  IWMP-X  Banspal  30  645  1  644  Management of SHGs
 Bhaluka Nala watershed  IWMP-V  Champua  82  1354  372  982  Livelihood Security through Management of livestock & Goat Rearing Vegetable Cultivation by SHG SHG Management & Record Maintenance Livelihood Enhancement through NRM / Watershed Basic Concept of Watershed Management and its Execution
 Kukurkata Nala watershed  IWMP-VIII  Ghatagaon  15  148  118  30  Inclusive & Optimum Land Use through Protection & Production Management System in W/S Area for Farmers, Users Groups & SHGs Management of SHGs
 Amunijoda Nala Watershed  IWMP-XII  Jhumpura  6  64  64  0  Basic Concept on Watershed Management
 Kanjahari Nala Watershed  IWMP-VI  Patna  48  510  51  459  Concept, functions and Management of SHGs
     Total  214  3368  681  2687  


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