Sustainable Livelihood

The focus areas has been livelihoods promotion among marginalized communities, above all be in the right place to Scheduled Tribes (STs). The organization, in the delineated areas and at times beyond the project areas methodically promotes the process of change and accentuates empowerment of the poor with a view to make sure of Sustainable Development. TADASHA focuses on promotion, round the year, food and livelihoods security of the poor, tribal and marginalized people of the area through its rural livelihoods through Watershed Development and convergence of synergies of programmes. Emphasis is laid on promotion of activities in farm, off-farm and non-farm sectors in an inclusive paradigm to achieve this objective. The strategies followed by TADASHA include:

Institutional Development:

Strengthening through reforms and often creation of new institutions in the event of gaps or meeting targets for all development initiatives / programmes at village and cluster or GP levels / Promoting community and seed, grain, animal feed and fodder banks / Facilitating community farming practices /


Enabling creation, revamping of fabricated or natural resources assets in scientific-community friendly-traditional model through promotion of micro-watersheds / Agriculture support primarily through demonstration, training, exposure and extension services, and restricted input supply;

Capacity Building:

Vocational training to women and youth/ skill development training to tribal and rural girls on tailoring


Promoting animal husbandry and their care and management / Enabling the community to access market opportunities / Facilitating the CBOs to linkage their produces and products of NTFP and Agriculture Produces with different markets to arrest the distress sale of such products

Financial Inclusion:

Facilitating linkages between the village institutions with the formal institutions like banks and micro-finance institutions / facilitating a productive linkage between the communities with different government schemes.


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